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Proffesional & Affordable Plumbing

Affordable plumbing is part of the 4th generation plumbers. Since then our purpose was to take care of all your plumbing needs.

All our work is guaranteed with big references on demand. We are also Red Seal approved.
We believe that quality in a service or a product is not what you put into it, it is what the customer gets out of it! 

Why you need a reliable plumbing expert:

Did you know that the World Health Organization has declared plumbers to be the most important frontline health workers in the world? With their knowledge and expertise, plumbers can design plumbing systems that give us access to clean water sources. That clean water can be used for everything from practicing proper hygiene to sanitizing operating rooms. Sustainable health is not possible without clean water.

Plumbing isn’t only for the collection, transportation, and dispersal of clean water, it can also be used to remove liquids and waste. Plumbers work to ensure that plumbing systems perform waste disposal in an efficient and safe manner. This makes it possible to separate your clean water from harmful contaminants. When plumbing is done poorly, it could allow for those contaminants to leak into undesirable areas, posing a danger to anyone nearby.

Unfortunately, clean water is a finite resource, meaning it’s important to use it wisely and maximize our use efficiency. Plumbers and the plumbing industry help us optimize our water usage through technology and water management. They work to ensure there’s always enough water to go around. They also play an important role in taking actions such as harvesting rainwater, desalination, wastewater treatment, and water reuse.  

Why Affordable Plumbing?

Your drain is blocked. Your geyser has burst. That irritating kitchen tap won't stop dripping. For most people these situations cause panic and leave them with more questions than answers. Eddies plumbing has all the answers to your plumbing questions, and we aim to fix your problem quickly and reliably. Service superiority is the ambition of Affordable plumbing. Our plumbers have been trained to meet any domestic plumbing query. Our focus is on satisfying all the plumbing tasks with expediency and unmatched value.

Anyone who's ever had a pipe or geyser burst late on a Friday afternoon understands the concept of why it pays to have plumbers on call. It always seems like the need for a plumber arises at the most inconvenient of times like at night or just before the weekend.

There's nothing worse than coming home after a hard day's work and finding your home awash with water because the geyser burst while you were at the office, except perhaps having your toilet bowl mysteriously overflow after flushing it

If you are unsure as to what your problem in your home may be please do not hesitate to contact us, we do not charge any call out fees.

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